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We have seen examples of  many non Koranic hadith which clearly expose the mullahs preoccupation with women and  sex.  It is a delusion that the mullahs  are promoting high moral values and chaste behaviour. They glorify illicit  sexual behaviour including dallying with prostitutes. 

The mullahs  say that men can contract the sexual services of women temporarily for an agreed period of time like one day or for a few hours. The shiahs call this a muta’a union  while the sunnis call it  mishar. 

In the second decade of the 21st century strife torn Syria has also seen sex jihad (jihad al munakaha)  whereby the mullahs say it is permissible  for jihadi fighters to hire the charms  of women through temporary marriages of one night or a few hours. For exchange of money a man can have sexual intercourse.   By any measure this is prostitution.  In modern day 21st century Iran, Iraq, Syria and the United Arab Emirates  the practise of muta’a and mishar unions are common.  This blatant prostitution is all based on the hadith writings of the mullahs.

In 21st century Syria, the mullahs quote the following hadith to justify their prostitution :

(Sahih Bukhari: 118, 1943) When some of Muhammad’s followers from Mecca migrated to Medina, a complaint was raised that the people of Medina had better profited from following Muhammad than his original Meccan followers who had suffered more deprivations.  In this context, Muhammad paired up the Meccan Abdul Rahman bin Awf with Sa‘ad bin Rabi‘a of Medina, for the latter to share some of his possessions with the former. So Rabi‘a offered to Rahman half of all his possessions, adding, “Look at my two wives, and whichever of them you desire, I will divorce her so you can have her.

Even if this hadith were true it does not say or even imply that Rahman married Rabia’a’s wife for just one night or a few hours. Even this fake hadith points towards a permanent marriage situation.

Bukhari Volume 6, Book 60, Number 139, narrated Abdullah:  We used to participate in the holy wars carried on by the prophet and we had no women (wives) with us. So we said (to the prophet). "Shall we castrate ourselves?"  But the prophet forbade us to do that and thenceforth he allowed us to marry a woman (temporarily) by giving her even a garment, and then he recited: "O you who believe!  Do not make unlawful the good things which Allah has made lawful for you."

So the  “second most holiest  book” of the mullahs says prostitution is a good thing that Allah has made lawful and even specifies a garment as a price for a woman.  And they attribute this falsehood to the prophet as well. Another slander and lie  against the prophet.  In sharp contrast the prophet’s clear teachings in the Koran tells the men to control their lusts and keep  chaste.

24:33  And let those who do not find the means to marry keep chaste until Allah makes them free from want out of His grace. And (as for) those who ask for awriting from among those whom your right hands possess, give them the writing ifyou know any good in them, and give them of the wealth of Allah which He has givenyou; AND DO NOT COMPEL YOUR YOUNG WOMEN (FATAYAATIKUM) INTO PROSTITUTION, when they desire to keep chaste, in order to seek the frail good of this world's life; and whoever compels them,  then surely after their compulsion Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

We cannot compel the young women into prostitution. The contradictory practises by the mullahs and in the hadith of Bukhariis therefore an evil lie against the prophet. 

Here is yet another verse from the Koran which says the same thing:

24:30 Say to the believing men that they cast down their looks and guard their private parts; that is purer for them; surely Allah is Aware of what they do.

This is what the prophet taught the people.  The mullahs will reject this Koranic teaching and  prefer to go after prostitutes for the price of a garment. Bukhari has also crafted pornography about the Prophet Solomon. 

Bukhari Volume 4, Book 55, Number 635, narrated Abu Huraira:  The Prophet said, "Solomon (the son of) David said, 'Tonight I will sleep with seventy  ladies each of whom will conceive a child who will be a knight fighting for "God's  Cause.' His companion said, 'If God will.' But Solomon did not say so; therefore  none of those women got pregnant except one who gave birth to a half child." The Prophet further said, "If the Prophet Solomon had said it (i.e. 'If God will') he would have begotten children who would have fought in God's Cause." Shuaib and Ibn Abi Az-Zinad said, "Ninety (women) is more correct (than seventy)."

This is nothing more than a stag show off.  Assuming a night was about twelve hours long this meant that Solomon copulated non stop with six or seven  women every hour or with one woman about every ten minutes. Why would the Prophet Solomon want to do that? Is that the job of a prophet? And what lessons does this type of copulation hold for  mankind?

This non Koranic  hadith from Bukhari is yet another plagiarism from the biblical story of King Solomon.

1 Kings 11:3  He(Solomon) had seven hundred wives, princesses and three hundred concubines and his wives turned his heart away.

Other than condoning  prostitution and promiscuity  the mullahshave also invented the fiqah   or  ‘jurisprudence’.  In this ‘fiqah’  too  they promote  licentious behaviour. 

The famous book “Al Muwatta” by Malik bin Anas  is considered by the sunnimullahs to be the “First Formulation of Shariah Law”.  Malik is considered one of the great fuqaha or doctors of shariahlaw.This is evidence enough that the shariah law is not ‘divine’.  Here is some jurisprudence from the Al Muwatta of Malik.

Section: Suckling of Older People

Book 30, Number 30.2.12:   Yahya related to me from Malik from Ibn Shihab that he was asked about the suckling of an older person. He said, ''Urwa ibn az-Zubayr informed me that Abu Hudhayfa ibn Utba ibn Rabia, one of the companions of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, who was present at Badr, adopted Salim (who is called Salim, the mawla of Abu Hudhayfa) as the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, adopted Zayd ibn Haritha. He thought of him as his son, and Abu Hudhayfa married him to his brother's sister, Fatima bint al-Walid ibn Utba ibn Rabia, who was at that time among the first emigrants. She was one of the best unmarried women of the Quraysh. When God the Exalted sent down in His Book what He sent down about Zayd ibn Haritha, 'Call them after their true fathers. That is more equitable in the sight of God. If you do not know who their fathers were then they are your brothers in the deen and your mawali,'

"Sahla bint Suhayl who was the wife of Abu Hudhayfa, and one of the tribe of Amribn Luayy, came to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace,and said, 'Messenger of God! We think of Salim as a son and he comes in to see mewhile I am uncovered. We only have one room, so what do you think about thesituation?' The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said,'Give him five drinks of your milk and he will be mahram by it.' She then saw him asa foster son.

A'isha umm al-muminin took that as a precedent for whatever men shewanted to be able to come to see her. She ordered her sister, Umm Kulthum bint AbiBakr as-Siddiq and the daughters of her brother to give milk to whichever men shewanted to be able to come in to see her. The rest of the wives of the Prophet, mayGod bless him and grant him peace, refused to let anyone come in to them by suchnursing. They said, 'No! By God! We think that what the Messenger of God, mayGod bless him and grant him peace, ordered Sahla bint Suhayl to do was only anindulgence concerning the nursing of Salim alone. No! By God! No one will come inupon us by such nursing!'  This is what the wives of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace,  thought about the suckling of an older person."

In brief Malik says that the prophet told Sahla to allow a grown man called Salimto suckle from her breasts. Upon suckling from her breasts the man will become a  ‘blood relation’  and therefore it will be lawful for him to be alone with the woman.  We are required to believe that as a grown man Salimdid suckle from Sahla.  Then Aisha (the prophet's alleged wife) told her sister Umm Kalthum and the daughters of her brother to suckle any grown man who wanted to come and see her. 

False and malicious hadith like these ledSheikhulHadith IzzatAttiya the Head of Hadith Studies at the thousand year old Al Azhar University in Cairo to make a fatwa (a religious ruling)in 2007 that  to avoid accusations of inappropriate behaviour between men and women who may work late in offices and businesses in modern day Egypt  the women should first allow their male colleagues to suckle from their breasts. 

Izzat Attiya said that if a woman fed a male colleague “directly from her breast” at least five times they would establish a family bond and thus be allowed to be alone together at work. “Breast feeding an adult puts an end to the problem of the private meeting, and does not ban marriage,” he ruled.  “A woman at work can take off the veil or reveal her hair in front of someone whom she breastfed.”

Izzat Attiya’sbreast feeding fatwacaused a huge uproar and he had to retract his statements. However  three years later in 2010 a high ranking Saudi Arabian mullah by the name of Sheikh Abdul Mohsin  Al Abaican issued a fatwa confirming that “women could give their milk to men to establish a degree of maternal relations and get around a strict religious ban on mixing between unrelated men and women.”

All these nonsensical fatwa are the direct result of believing in the false and nonsensical hadith of the mullahs.


Ayaan Hirsi Ali the author of the acclaimed book ‘Infidel’ endured much suffering and hatred throughout her life, suffocating inside Somalia.
The Somalis have some practices like FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) which is prevalent among African peoples, Arabs and even in other parts of the world.

The Somalis also suffer terrible bouts of intra-racism or intra-racial apartheid which is disguised as clan identity. As is well known throughout the world and is also well documented in Ayaan's book, the clan identity has destroyed Somalia.

Somalia is a very backward Islamic society, comparable with the general condition of other Islamic countries.  Miss Ayaan Hirsi did not grow up in Somalia. She, her much loved but polygamous father, family and clan members were refugees in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Holland, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the United States.

Compounding their misery was the fact that the Somalis are staunch believers and upholders of ahlulsunnahwaljamaah or the sunnis. The sunnis like to believe that they are the mainstream sect within Islam. In reality their belief system is oppressive, regressive and has nothing to do with the Islam that was taught by the prophet of Islam.

The uncivilised religious beliefs imparted to Ayaan Hirsi Ali led her to ultimately abandon and reject her belief in sunnism (shiahism is no better, differing only in  degree).

Throughout her book 'Infidel' Ayaan Hirsi Ali gives examples of the teachings which she still wrongly believes are part of "Islam" which caused Somalia, her clan, her family, herself and a billion other sunnis and shiahs all around the world so much unhappiness and uncivilised suffering.

Ayaan Hirsi's misconception that the Prophet married a six year old girl
In her book Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks about the prophet marrying a six year old child called Aisha. Since she had become a Dutch citizen by this time, Ayaan explained that under modern Dutch Law today, the prophet would be deemed a paedophile.

Sunnis believe that the advent of Islam was preceded or "kicked off" with the revelation of the Koran to the prophet. Muslims say that the Koran is their Book of Guidance.

The Koran is indeed sacrosanct in the eyes of both the sunni and shiahmuslims. Sunnis and shiahs also believe that the prophet was the embodiment of the Koran.

Somalia also impoverished by polygamy

Ayaan Hirsi also wrote at length about polygamy. Her own father had three wives. Again polygamy is an erroneous belief that is blamed on the prophet.

As a result families in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and a billion other sunnis and shiahs have suffered tremendous domestic strife in their daily lives. Polygamous wives fight and quarrel for their husbands attention and financial support. The many half brothers and half sisters are constantly embroiled in sibling rivalry fighting over the same attention and wealth of a father which has even led to murder.

Because they are ignorant about the simple truths in the Koran the sunnis and shiahs have gone on to imbibe false and evil stories about the prophetfrom the mullahs which never took place in history. This includes polygamy. The net result are the destroyed lives of a billion sunnis and shiahs.

The fake hadith and the mullahs  makepolygamy lawful.  They say that men can marry four wives. This is actually making lawful the old pagan Arab culture of maintaining harems for their pleasure. By falsely saying that Islam allows polygamy, they are legalizing the prostitution of the harems.   Here is Bukhari again :

(Bukhari, Book of Nikah 3:52) The Prophet said that the best man amongst his followers is the one who has the greatest number of wives.

There is no basis in the Koran for polygamy.  The mullahstwist the meaning of  chapter4:3 in the Koran  to justify the old harems of the desert Arabs: 

4:3 “And if you fear that you cannot act equitably towards orphans, then marrysuch women as seem good to you, two and three and four; but if you fear that you willnot do justice (between them), then (marry) only one or what your  right hands  possess; this is more proper, that you may not deviate from the right course”.

Based on this verse the mullahs say  they can marry two, three or four wives. 

The verse  4:3 is actually a continuation of the previous verse 4:2.

4:2  You shall hand over to the orphans their rightful properties. Do not substitute the bad for the good, and do not consume their properties by combining them with yours. This would be a gross injustice.

4:2 speaks about taking care of the orphans and safeguarding their property and their rights. The following verse 4:3 is clearly a continuation about taking care of the interests of the orphans. The verse 4:3 tells us to ultimately marry off the  orphansin our care in “twos, threes and fours”. In other words marry them all  off. ‘Two, three and four’ indicates the plural. The Arabic is clear:

fankihuu : thus marry them off
maathaaba : those who seem good
lakum :  to you
minannisaa : from the women
matsnaa, wathulaathawarubaa :  two and three and four.

The word ‘fankihu’ which means ‘thus marry them off’ denotes an action done for someone else.  It is not a command to go and marry the women yourself.

As further evidence the same word ‘wankihuu’ which means ‘and marry them off’ appears  in 24:32. Here are two translations of 24:32 by Sher Ali and Rashad Khalifa:

Sher Ali : And arrange marriages (wankihuu) for widows from among you, and for your male servants and female servants who are fit for marriage. If they be poor, ALLAH will grant them means out of HIS bounty; and ALLAH is Bountiful, All-Knowing.

Rashad Khalifa :You shall encourage those of you who are single to get married (wankihuu). They may marry the righteous among your male and female servants, if they are poor. Allah will enrich them from His grace. Allah is Bounteous, Knower.

So the word fankihuu (thus marry them off) in 4:3 and wankihuu (and marry them off) in 24:32 tell us to marry off the orphans who come of age, those who are single, the male servants and the female servants even if they are poor.
There is no indication of polygamy either  in 4:3 or  24:32.

Note also the words “twoand three and four” which appears in 4:3.  The Arabic is“matsnaa, wathulaathawarubaa”. Elsewhere in the Koran these exact words are usedto describe the ‘wings’ of the malaikah (or what is wrongly understood to beangels).

35:1 All praise is due to Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, theMaker of the malaikah messengers flying on wings  two and three  and four; Heincreases in creation what He pleases; surely Allah has power over all things.

The malaikah messengers seem to have wings “matsnaa, wathulaathawarubaa” (two and three and four).  It signifies a plurality and not exactly two, three or four  ‘wings’.

And here is further evidence that the Koran does not support polygamy.  The  Koran tells us that we can never be equally fair among the women :

4:129   And you have it not in your power to be fair between wives, eventhough you may wish (it), but be not disinclined with total disinclination, so that youleave her as it were in suspense; and if you effect a reconciliation and guard (againstevil), then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

The Koran explains clearly  why a man cannot be fair between multiple wives :

33:4   Allah did not give any man two hearts in his chest. Nor did He turn your wives whom you estrange  into your mothers. Nor did He turn your adopted sons into your own sons. All these are mere utterances that you have invented. Allah speaks the truth, and He guides in the (right) path.

Every man has only one heart.  Men  cannot be fair among multiple women. Having spoken so much it would not be possible for the Koran to allow polygamy. Polygamy is just the utterance of the sexually promiscuous mullahs and their harem Arab culture of the desert.

It is also the natural inclination of all women that they detest polygamy when their husbands marry other women. This has been the case in all cultures and in all corners of the world.

As a prerequisite  tolegalise their old harem behaviour the Arabs developed a culture that totally puts  the women down and conditions the women to be treated like chattels. This is the only way the tribal Arabs could  force their women into the prostitution of the harems. And the mullahs have played along and legitimized this harem behaviour into the prostitution of polygamy. Issuing marriage certificates for multiple wives is no different from the prostitution of the harems.  Polygamy is still prostitution.

Polygamy is mentioned numerous times in the Bible, particularly in the Old Testament.

Deut 25:5–10  says that it is an obligation for a man whose brother has left a widow without heir to marry her.

The Torah includes specific regulations on the practice of polygamy such as Exodus 21:10, "If he takes another wife to himself, he shall not diminish her food, her clothing, or her marital rights."

Deuteronomy 21:15–17, says that a man must award the inheritance due to a first-born son to the son who was actually born first, even if he hates that son's mother and likes another wife more

Deuteronomy 17:17 states that the king shall not have too many wives.

The first polygamist mentioned in the Bible is Lamech, whose two wives were Adah and Zillah (Genesis 4:19). Many important figures had more than one wife, such as Esau (Genesis 26:34; Genesis 28:6-9), Abraham (Genesis 16:3, Genesis 21:1-13, Genesis 25:1, Genesis 25:6), Moses (Exodus 2:21; Exodus 18:1-6, Numbers 12:1), Jacob (Genesis 29:15-28), Gideon (Judges 8:29-32), Elkanah (1 Samuel 1:1-8), David (1 Samuel 25:39-44; 2 Samuel 3:2-5; 2 Samuel 5:13-16) and Solomon (1 Kings 11:1-3).

The mullahs ideas on polygamy match the Bible. The Koran however does not allow polygamy. A man does not have two hearts in his chest.


The mullahs have also written hadith which makes the prophet a paedophile. They say that the prophet married a girl by the name of Aishah at the age of six years. Here is the false hadith by Bukhari :

Bukhari Volume 5, Book 58, Number 236:   Narrated Hisham's father: Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed there for two years or so and then he married 'Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consumed that marriage when she was nine years old.

Not  wanting to admit their embarrassment, some mullahs have classified this subject “one of the most  controversial issues confronting Muslims today”.   

Other versions of the hadith say Aisha was nine when she married the prophet and consummated the marriage when she was 14 or 16. They themselves do not know which version is  the ‘most authentic’ ? 

Also the mullahs are too embarrassed to admit that despite their belief that the prophet married a six year old girl they themselves will not give away their daughters in marriage at six years of age.  This is their  hypocrisy.   They will argue that it was alright for the prophet to marry six year old children but it does NOT apply to their daughters or sisters. This is perhaps the greatest evidence that debunks this particular  falsehood.

Around the underdeveloped Islamic countries today underaged girls are usually sold into child marriages for money. It is an evil driven by poverty on one side and lust on the other, with the mullah playing the role of facilitator, also for money.

It is easyto just check verses from the Koran that talk about marriage (nikah)  as well as verses thattalk about young women (fatayaati). Here are some of these verses. All of them mention marrying women who reach intellectual  and physical maturity :

4:25 And whoever among you has not within his power ampleness of meansto marry free believing women, then (he may marry) of those whom your right handspossess from among your believing maidens . .”.

Note the words  “from  among your believing maidens”.   The  Arabic word for maiden is  ‘fatayaati’. Fatayaati is not a six year old child. Fatayaati means a ‘young woman’,  a young adult female. The male youth or young man is ‘fataah’.  For example in the  story of the prophet Joseph in the Koran,he was seduced as a young man (fataah)  by the king’s wife.

12:30  And women in the city said: The ruler’s wife seeks her young man(fataah) to yield himself (to her), surely he has affected her deeply with love; mostsurely we see her in manifest error.

Fataah is a young man – capable of loving a woman as in the story of Joseph. Likewise 'fataayati’ is the female gender, a young woman, suitable for marriage as recommended in 4:25 above. 

Nowhere in the Koran does it say that you can marry a six  year old tot.  That is just another false hadith invented by the enemies of Islam to make the prophet a paedophile.  Here is another verse about the correct age of marriage for girls:

4:6  And test the orphans until they attain the age of marriage (hatta izaa balaghu nikaaha); then if you find in them maturity of intellect, hand over to them their property, and do not consume it extravagantly and hastily, lest they attain to full age; and whoever is rich, let him abstain altogether, and whoever is poor, let him eat reasonably; then when you hand over to them their property, have witnesses in their presence; and Allah is enough as a Reckoner.

‘Hatta izaa balaghu nikaaha’  means ‘until they reach marriageable age’.   Not only must the orphan have reached biological puberty but they must also have the intellectual maturity  to manage property and  household finances  to sustain their families. That is the suitable age of marriage for a young woman. 

Let not the mullahs say that  marriageable age  (‘balaghunikaaha’)  or the ability to manage one’s property  includes six year olds.  Toys and dolls cannot be considered  property and wealth needed to sustain a family. Here is another verse from the Koran that talks about marrying  young women :

2:221  And do not marry the idolatresses until they believe, and certainly a believing maiden (amaatun mu’minaatun) is better than an idolatress woman, even though she should please you; and do not give (believing women) in marriage to idolaters until they believe, and certainly a believing servant is better than an idolater, even though he should please you; these invite to the fire, and Allah invites to the garden and to forgiveness by His will, and makes clear His communications to men, that they may be mindful.

Men  are encouraged  to marry ‘believing maidens’   (amaatun mu’minaatun). Nowhere does the Koran tell men  to marry six year olds.  There are more verses but these should suffice. In all these verses above which talk about marriage (nikah) the words used include:

‘fatayaati’ (young women),
Balaghu nikaah (reach marriageable age),
Amaatun mu’minaatun (believing maidens)

Surely after  the prophet  told the men to marry young women (fataayati)  or to marry  believing maidens (amaatun mu’minaatun) or  orphans who have reached the age of marriage (balaghu nikaah) and have the intellectual maturity to manage their own wealth,  he  cannot then turn around and say  ‘Well I am  going to marry a 6 year old tot’. 

This is a mischievous lie and a slander against the prophet concocted  by the forces of kuffar  or the disbelievers. Today these forces of kuffar are the mullahs who are blindly  regurgitating these falsehoods.  


After prostitution, polygamy and paedophilia, the mullahs like Malik in his book Al Muwatta also preach slavery and slave ownership.  It is a fact that until today slavery is practised in countries like Saudi Arabia and the Sudan.  In sunni  theology, they have clear cut references to slavery. This too is a belief that they  have plagiarised from the Bible.   Malik has a detailed chapter on SLAVES. Malik describes the method to buy and sell slaves, how a father can bequeath female slaves to his son - if the father has had sex with the female slave then the son cannot have sex with them – they can only do housework  and other such teachings.

Contrary to what the mullahs say the Koran tells all human beings (and not just the Muslims) to free the slaves. The Koran lists the freeing of slaves as a part of righteousness.

2:177 “It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces to the East and the West; but righteous is he who believeth in Allah and the Last  Day and the malaikah and the scripture and the prophets; and giveth wealth, for love of  Him, to kinsfolk and to orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and to those who ask, and to set the slaves free”.

This commandment applies to everyone – and not just to the Muslims. If you were a Muslim and you had some slaves, after reading the Koranic command above you would immediately have to set the slaves free. Otherwise you cannot call yourself a Muslim. End  of slavery. 

But Malik can write detailed chapters about how a father and son team of slave owners may or may not have  sexual intercourse with their  female slaves. Obviously Malik is ignorant of the Koranic injunction in 2:177 above.  As I said the mullahs are ignorant of the Koran.

The Koran also enjoins charity (sadaqah) and even details the purposes  of the sadaqah charity - among which is the freeing of the slaves.

9:60 “The charities (sadaqah) are only for the poor and the needy, and thosewho collect them, and those whose hearts are to be reconciled, and to free the slaves . . .

The purpose of sadaqah or charity is also to free the slaves. It is illogical  to say that  the prophet allowed slavery (as has been suggested by the mullahs) when in the Koran, which precedes the mullahs, the prophet  enjoins the application of charities to free those same slaves.

Throughout their history, the mullahs have allowed  the capture of slaves, the keeping of slaves, the trading of slaves, sex with slaves, inheriting slaves from father to son and many other kinds of slavery.

As with much of theirshariah laws, their hadith and muchof their other non Koranic beliefs, the mullahs preoccupation with slavery is plagiarised from the Bible.

[Lev 25:46.20] You may bequeath them to your sons after you, to inherit as apossession for ever; you may make slaves of them, but over your brethren the people  of Israel you shall not rule, one over another, with harshness.

This is not unlike Malik’s suggestion  in his book the Al Muwatta. The Bible also has more suggestions on what to do with slaves

[Lev 25:44.18] As for your male and female slaves whom you may have: you maybuy male and female slaves from among the nations that are round about you.

The Bible says you can make slaves of other races around you. This has been practiced in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Gulf countries until today.

[Lev 22:10] "An outsider shall not eat of a holy thing. A sojourner of the priest's or ahired servant shall not eat of a holy thing;

[Lev 22:11] but if a priest buys a slave as his property for money, the slave may eat of  it; and those that are born in his house may eat of his food.

Priests are allowed to buy and keep slaves.

[Exod 21:32.6] If the ox gores a slave, male or female, the owner shall give to theirmaster thirty shekels of silver, and the ox shall be stoned

Thirty shekels of silver for a slave.  No doubt the mullahs have borrowed this idea too.