Monday, October 19, 2015



We have seen so far that there is no such thing as ‘religion’ in the Koran. Islam is not a ‘religion’ with ritual prayer, ritual pilgrimages, fasting, paying religious tithes, bearing witness over the messenger and other cultish rites. Islam is simply a ‘deen’ or a way of life. 

The Five Pillars of Islam do not exist in the Koran. None whatsoever. They are a fabrication of the mullahs.

The Koran is nothing more than a book of guidance, a “Do It Yourself” manual which shows us how to avoid pitfalls in life and do good things with the little time we have. There is not enough space here to list all the good that the Koran teaches. It is best to read the Koran and find out for yourself.  But here is a short list.

39:18  They are the ones who listen to all views, then follow the best. These are the ones whom Allah has guided; these are the ones who possess intelligence.

To decide their affairs the Muslims are told to listen to all views and then to follow the best thereof. You cannot listen to all views unless there is freedom of speech. The Muslims must therefore guarantee freedom of speech. This has been a Koranic injunction for over 1400 years now. It goes without saying that people can only express their views freely if they are unmolested and given the space to speak. This is reiterated in the following verse :

58:11  ‘O you who believe, if you are told, "Please make room," you shall make room for each other to sit. Allah will then make room for you. If you are asked to get up and move, get up and move. Allah raises those among you who believe, and those who acquire knowledge to higher ranks. Allah is fully Cognizant of everything you do’.

‘You shall make room for each other to sit, Allah will then make room for you’ ; ‘if you are asked to get up and move, get up and move’. 

This is not only  social etiquette but there is a higher philosophy here calling the Muslims to be considerate towards other people and to be inclusive.

Far from being the misfits which the mullahs have made them to be, the Koranic teachings will make Muslims highly regarded and highly sought after  neighbours and members of society.

And in the affairs of governing ourselves the Koran suggests a democratic way of choosing our leaders.

4:59  ‘O you who believe, you shall obey Allah, and you shall obey the messenger, AND THOSE PRECEDING IN AUTHORITY FROM AMONG YOU. If you dispute in any matter, you shall refer it to Allah and the messenger, if you trust in Allah and in the conclusion of all things. This is better for you, and provides you with the best solution’.

AND THOSE PRECEDING IN AUTHORITY FROM AMONG YOU  (oolil amri min kum). The words ‘from among you’ indicates an element of volunteerism ie the society has to decide for itself and choose leaders from among its members. 

So all three taken together ie 

i. the Muslims must listen to all views and then choose the best (39:18)
ii. the Muslims must be inclusive and create space for all people (58:11)
iii. they must choose leaders from among themselves (4:59) 

clearly indicates a democratic, progressive and intelligent society.

By these measures the modern day Western civilisation which is now spreading out throughout the developed world is already an Islamic society which thrives because it gives life to these Koranic teachings. 

Freedom of thought and speech, inclusiveness,  respecting the rights of everyone and democratic election of leaders have become the trademark of modern, civilised societies.

In contrast the Muslims are in the deepest cesspool of their history because they ignore the Koran and give life to the foolish and violent teachings of the mullahs.

To repeat - the Koran is just a manual for living an easy life. It is not a book of religion at all. In the Koran the Arabic word “islam” means ‘submission’. A submission to an orderly or systematic way of life.

3:19 The only way of life by Allah’s reckoning is "submission". Ironically, those who have received the scripture are the ones who dispute this fact, despite the knowledge they have received, due to jealousy. For such rejectors of Allah’s revelations, Allah is most strict in reckoning.

The only way of life by Allah’s reckoning is "submission" – Inna lad-deena indallaahi al Islam.

That is all that is required of all human beings – to follow an orderly and righteous way of life. Minus religion, minus mosques, minus mullahs and priests, minus sharia and other false laws and regulations.

By the logic of the Koran, you cannot declare that ‘Islam is my religion’. Or ‘Christianity is my religion’. Or ‘Judaism is my religion’. There is no such thing as religion in the Koran at all. Either you are a person who submits (islam) to an orderly way of life (deen) or you do not.

Either you have a happy, prosperous and orderly way of life or you live a life of poverty, chaos and unhappiness. That is what differentiates a muslim from a kafir or rejector. Kafir means someone who rejects or opposes something. Again kafir is not a ‘religious’ terminology.

Any human being  who submits himself  to a good way of life (deen) is a muslim.  Anyone whose life is bereft of happiness, prosperity and harmony it is because he or she has been rejecting the right way of doing things. He has rejected the right way of doing something. He is in a state of kuffur (kafir).

If you drank a nice cup of hot coffee that would be a ‘muslim’ thing to do. It would be an act of submission to a good way of drinking coffee. But if you were in a hurry and you burnt your tongue because the coffee was too hot that would be an act of kuffur (kafir) because you rejected or went against the proper way of enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Being a ‘muslim’ is therefore not a permanent condition. Neither is being a kafir a permanent condition. A human being can shuffle between being muslim and kafir throughout his life or even throughout a day. The trick is to be a muslim much more often than being a kafir.  Then life becomes successful.

The Koran frequently repeats this phrase ‘Yaa aiyyuhal lazeena aamanu’. This is frequently taken to mean ‘O you who believe..’ This is not accurate.

The word ‘aamanu’ comes from the word ‘amaana’ which means ‘trusted’. Other words like ‘iman’ (trust) and mukmin (people who are trustworthy) are derivatives of ‘amana’.

In the following verse 2:283 this word amana indicating “trust” appears three times in its different forms in Arabic :

2:283  but if one of you trusts (amina) another, then he who is trusted (tu’mina) should deliver his trust (amanaatahu), and let him be careful of Allah

(Arabic transliteration : fa-in amina ba’dukum ba’dan falyu-addi allazee tu’mina amanaata-hu wal yattaqi Allaha).

Therefore the frequently used and heard arabic word “aamanu”  refers a person who is trusted. A trustworthy person.

Hence ‘ya aiyyuhalazeena aamanu’ refers to people who can be trusted. ‘O you trusted people..’  This should indeed be the mark of any muslim. A trustworthy person is therefore a muslim. This applies to all human beings.

To be a mukmin or trustworthy person also calls for a life of action. A mukmin would have to go out everyday and earn the trust (amana) of the people – through his work, his business, his trade and all his interactions with people.

To earn their trust and become a good muslim, a mukmin or trustworthy person therefore has to engage fully with the society in which he lives. He cannot be a hermit who withdraws himself from society or lives inside a religious cocoon only with people who share the same "religion" as him. 

On the other hand a ‘believer’ who “believes” in religion can completely isolate himself and withdraw from society. He can disengage completely from society and withdraw into his religious cocoon and “devote himself to prayer and seclusion” to bring him closer to his god. 

Or he can be a real pain in the neck by insisting that all around him must also enter his religious cocoon. This is the mullah version of religion which is no different from the Christian, jewish and other religious teachings.

The Koran says that before the Arabs can become mukmin (trustworthy) they must first become muslim (submitters). Here is the verse to proof this :

49:14  The Arabs said, "We are mukmins (trustworthy)." Say, "You are not trustworthy yet (lam tu’minoon); what you should say is, `We are submitters (islam),' until trust is found in your hearts. If you obey Allah and His messenger, He will not put any of your works to waste. Allah is Forgiver, Most Merciful.

It is a two step process. One must first become a muslim or a submitter. Only after that can one be regarded a mukmin or a trustworthy person.

The Koran says,

4:86 ‘Surely Allah reckons over everything’ (inna Allaha kana ala kulli shay-in haseeban)’.

Everything humans do is taken into account by Allah. This must include the disbelievers. But why waste time reckoning what the ‘disbelievers’ or kafirs do? Isnt that a waste of time? Arent they all ‘going to hell’ anyway?

The answer is because there is no such thing as ‘heaven or hell’. There is no such thing as ‘going to hell’ for the disbelievers and ‘going to heaven’ for the believers. 

All human beings can live their life here on earth in peace, prosperity and bliss as in a blessed garden (‘jannah’) or their lives can be full of tribulation and misery as if they are being burned by fire (‘naar’).

What then is the purpose of the reckoning (haasib) ? It is to help human beings become winners in life. 

Here is another example. A person may wake up in the morning, tend to his family, work or business successfully. He upholds his obligations to his family and his business.  His count of good works or good deeds becomes positive. His adherence to the way of life (deen) of  submission (islam) to the good increases. Life is a bliss like in a garden of plenty and ease.

Then in the evening the same person has an argument with his colleagues and becomes highly disagreeable. He returns home agitated and causes more unhappiness in his home. His submission (islam) to the deen takes a dive. He is in a state of kafir or rejection. If he persists in this manner then his life and that of his family can become miserable, like being burnt in the fire (naar).

The aim in life therefore is to maximise our submission (islam) to that which is good. If our reckoning each day is in the positive and remains in the positive then our lives as a whole become like living in a garden or jannah that is filled with ease, comfort and plenty. 

If we do not  follow a way of life (deen) that submits to that which is good then we become kafir or the rejectors and we live in hardship and torture like being in the fire (naar). 

Islam is therefore not the name of a religion which you may fill in an application form. Islam or submission is your daily status every hour and day of your life. It is a condition of your being. And it can change by the hour, day, week, month or year.  The desired course of action is to submit oneself to an orderly way of life (inna lad-deena indalaahil islam).

As for the sunnis and shiahs who have been totally and completely misled by the mullahs, they have no choice. They have to go back to the Koran. The Koran which they do not read to understand. The Koran which the mullahs have ignored for over a thousand years.

If the sunnis and shiahs want to have any chance of survival at all they must rid themselves of the false teachings of the mullahs. This includes the false hadith, the false sunnah, the foolish ijma, qiyas and other nonsensical theologies which the mullahs have concocted over the centuries. The true and original Islam resides safely inside the Koran.

More than revolting against unjust rulers or dictators, the muslims must urgently rid themselves of the mullahs, from the highest ayatollahs down to the lowest penniless village preachers. 

The mullahs are the truest agents of satanism. For a certainty they have led the muslims into poverty, backwardness, foolishness, violence and despair. 

Whoever doubts this statement just look around at all the so called Islamic countries around the world. In brief the mullahs are not muslims. The  mullahs live within a high reckoning of kuffur (kafir).  The mullahs are the agents of satanism.

Throughout history enlightened muslim rulers have sought to curb the mullahs but through wrong means. They often used force and violence against the mullahs.  This method has never worked because the cancers and the viruses which the mullahs have spread have already infected the minds of generations of sunnis and shiahs. 

The fight against the mullahs has to be an intellectual struggle using the Koran, logic, science and evidence  as the basis of our argument.

The Koran says, ‘haatu burhanukum inkuntum saadiqeen’ which means ‘bring forth your proofs if you are truthful’.  If they want to have any chance of  survival in the modern age the muslims must start challenging their mullahs to provide evidence for everything they say. 

If Bukhari did not even write the Sahih Bukhari, then how do we know the hadith that are attributed to him really originated from the prophet?

If the sunnis do not even know the real identity of Abu Hurairah then how can you vouch for any of the hadith that is attributed to this mysterious ‘Abu Hurairah’?

If the mullah repeats the ridiculously stupid and essentially pagan story that the prophet rode on a magical winged animal from Jerusalem to “heaven” and back, then ask the mullah ‘haatu burhanukum inkuntum saadiqeen’ – please show us your proofs  if you are truthful?

The Koran commands the muslims :

17:36  You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them’.

If the sunnis and shiahs wish to be muslims, then they too must learn to question the mullahs, to verify for themselves all the things the mullahs say and to use their brains to think and judge. For how many more centuries are the sunnis and shiahs going to swallow without question whatever the mullahs tell them?

If the sunnis and shiahs do not use their brains, then for certain they will be mired in doubt and confusion.

10:100  No person can believe except in accordance with Allah’s will. For He casts doubt upon those who refuse to understand.

The Koran says the use of the ‘aql or intellect is paramount in Islam. The mullahs insist that the use of logic and the intellect will be fatal to their paganism. 

The sunnis and shiahs have to choose - use your intellect or remain with the mullahs paganism.